Dateline: Within the budding so-called “grapevine” social multiplex thingie…

First, allow me to posit a, well, let’s call it a hypothesis:

2 + 2 = 4

Momentarily forget that the above equation is beyond-easily provable mathematically. As whatever-is-thegrapeine community members, I have utmost confidence that every single one of you can provide the ironclad proof for the sum of two and two being four – it is worth noting that the majority of people would respond to this motd with:

  1. Complete lack of interest in the content
  2. Utter inability to find relevance in the proving of the proposed equation, e.g. “Huh? Of course two plus two IS four” etc..
  3. An urge to succumb to boredom – i.e. a lack of faith that this is going somewhere … and most notably:
  4.  Okay, they’re gone. Here’s what we’re doing:

Respond to this motd, via comment, with one or more ways to go about suggesting that the above equation – being 2 + 2 = 4 – is false. Obviously it would be impossible for you to be wrong for the same reason that it will be impossible for you to be right. But this is not about being right or wrong, good or evil, pious or damned.

No. Rather…

…this is about deciding your own level of involvement in.. in.. y’know.. in whatever-the-hell it is that we’re doing by building this community together.

Trust me: all the other community members want to read what you might have to write; we all want to get to know each other’s modalities of intellect, intuition, playful nonsense &or whatever else may arise from this. So drop all uncertainty, inhibitions etc, get creative, & just post whatever the hell you come up with!



By now it should be clear that perks including technological wonder, participation in something that by its own definition will either better the world or destroy itself for lack of being able, and much more, much much more – kind of ad nauseum really – but we need to pick up the pace and efficiency, which is why it’s time to step up and decide how involved you’d like to be (and are capable of being).. still, and understandably, sometimes it’s not only the unremarkable who require incentive to do remarkable things, so, on that note, whoever posts the most interesting reply – as to be determined by a democratic vote wherein no party may vote for oneself – will win 100,000 TNA Coins in our 7DTD Alpha 12 Grapevine Zombie Grindhouse PvE Sandbox … up to 3 runners-up will each win a random value between 15,000 & 35,000 TNAC … and finally – although i am not in the running to win the TNA Coins – if anyone comes up with an answer that i can’t (by unanimous agreement) top, that person will – in addition to the above-listed incentives – win one no-questions-asked favor from yours truly.