Our very openly pro-Open Source project called TNA which is an acronym for TNA’s Not API and is pronounced as tina has evolved wildly during its Alpha 2.0.11.x development. The old repository remains public, but I highly recommend visiting the TNA’s Not API 3.0.x Repo and having a look at what we’ve been able to make possible so far. At the time of this post, we’ve only added the beautifully-compartmentalized Common Lisp package’s core module, now easily-loadable as an asdf system, but over the coming weeks I will be adding more and more – not only modules – but support for our NAML project, the Non-API Markup Language which works in tandem with TNA to make it more expandable and easier-so to expand.

Oh & also, our beloved grapevine Grindhouse 7 Days To Die server is stronger than ever – thanks in no small part to TNA for 7DTD – and we are running one public game, Zombie Grindhouse PvE Sandbox 03, as well as our gorgeously-constructed Grindhouse 01 on port 26500 with the password grapevi17e and finally our whitelist-only world on port 26800. Email the author of this MOTD or find another grapevine community member if you’re interested in playing on Grindhouse 02 or simply log in to GV1 or GV3.